Awesome Toy Picks: Sideshow Collectibles - Commander Bly & Utapau Shadow Trooper

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Each week we look at action figures and collectibles that are super-cool and deserve to be part of your home collection. Normally we've been looking at action figures and such but this week, we're taking things in a slightly different direction. First of all, while we've taken a look at a selection once with video in addition to photographs, this week we're giving you two videos to fully get a detailed look at these selections.

What are we looking at this week? A couple of figures from the Militaries of Star Wars line from Sideshow Collectibles. You might remember our Booth Tour with Sideshow during San Diego Comic-Con. We finally got our hands on some actual product to play around with. First, let's take a look at Commander Bly.

As you might now, Commander Bly (also known as Clone Commander 5052) was the clone trooper working under Aayla Secura during the Clone Wars. When Palpatine issued Order 66, marking the Jedi Generals as traitors, Bly was the one that directed his troops to open fire on Secura.

Check out our video look at Commander Bly (it's in HD on our youtube channel).

As you can see, this is much more than a mere action figure. To reiterate the information in the video, this guy costs $124.99. As I explained to my daughter, it's not a toy. It definitely is a collectible. The pieces from Sideshow Collectibles are limited and this one hasn't been determined yet. It's set to begin shipping in January. It's currently listed as on backorder but you can still add one to your cart. There is a ton of articulation and with the various hands, feet and heads, there's so many different poses you can put him in. He does come with a stand but he can be positioned easily without it. The price might seem a little high but we are talking about an ultra-cool collectible item.

Check out these other shots.

I think two words best sums this up: bad ass. If you'd like even more information or want to order it for yourself, check out the details here.

To go along with Commander Bly, we're also taking a look at another figure from the Militaries of Star Wars line: Utapau Shadow Trooper.

This guy is based on the Phase II clone armor and is starting to look more like the traditional Stormtroopers we all know and love. To get a better look, check out our video below (again, an HD version is on our youtube channel).

The Shadow Trooper runs a little less than Commander Bly. His cost is $89.99 and is limited to 1500 pieces. If you want more specs on him, you can find that and ordering information here.

Now let's check out some more poses.

There's our look at a couple selections from Sideshow Collectibles. With the holidays just around the corner, maybe you'll find one of these guys wrapped inside a gift. Or maybe it's time you treated yourself to a nice gift. Hope you enjoyed checking these guys out.

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#1 Posted by redhood21 (774 posts) - - Show Bio

OH!!!! these things are amazing! If i had the money I would have them all! I really want Captain Rex. Might have to settle for one of the cheaper ones (still $89).

#2 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6885 posts) - - Show Bio

Darn I want those so very bad. Awesome demonstrations, guys!

#3 Posted by Daveyo520 (2447 posts) - - Show Bio

Pretty great looking.

#4 Posted by Assassin_Elektra (40 posts) - - Show Bio

I always love the high detailed collectors figures. Although I'm not enough of a Star Wars fan to buy these, they are still pretty awesome.

#5 Posted by KRYPTON (1891 posts) - - Show Bio

The Shadow Trooper is awesome

#6 Posted by Larkin1388 (1760 posts) - - Show Bio

Love the Shadow Trooper.

#7 Posted by The Impersonator (5049 posts) - - Show Bio

Nice looking troopers.

#8 Posted by wsninja (11 posts) - - Show Bio

Action Figure manufacturers need to come up with better hand technology so we don't have so many parts laying around. C'mon Cern what are you using that all the tech for? Use that neutrino data to make it so that my figures large and small can hold their weapons!

#9 Posted by kennybaese (1100 posts) - - Show Bio

Sideshow makes good stuff. I can never afford to buy it but having seen some of the pieces in person before, theyre almost always pretty amazing looking.

#10 Posted by ka385385 (1283 posts) - - Show Bio

Those thing are awesome but a little too expensive for me ,i will buy it if there is a ARC Tropper ,if it can have a mini gun would be way better.

#11 Posted by NyxEquitis (401 posts) - - Show Bio

w00t, Star Wars! Awesome figures!

#12 Posted by Fetts (4416 posts) - - Show Bio

Looking pretty badass.

#13 Posted by SuperDoahBoy (134 posts) - - Show Bio

Awesome figures! Love the articulation of the fingers in the second one.

#14 Posted by Eyz (3095 posts) - - Show Bio

Haha! That's some pretty cool and impressive Clone Wars merch! :D

#15 Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k (3712 posts) - - Show Bio

Is he merely showing off his guns, or has he gotten a case of paranoia?



#16 Posted by LevukaR (95 posts) - - Show Bio


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