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Just like the other Clone Troopers, Clone Lance Troopers were cloned from Jango Fett and trained from birth. They were designed and trained to be the perfect human soldiers, and were formidable hand-to-hand combatants, military tacticians, marksman, and extremely intelligent and deadly. However, these faction of the Clone Troopers specialized in riding high speed, futuristic bikes with lances, usually to flank or ambush enemies (Sith, Droids, etc etc.). They were usually used in open terrain warfare.

Other Media

These Clone Troopers appeared in the animated Star Wars : Clone Wars (2003/not to be mistaken by 2008 version) series, and were mainly shown fighting Durge in an open terrain war. They were shown to defeat Droids and hold off Durge(who was also riding a speed bike) before falling.

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