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Clone #2716057 is one of the earliest clones the Decepticon Starscream created of himself. His personality represented Starscream's bootlicking tendencies. After his destruction Sunstorm became th clone that shared this personality.


Clone #2716057 was created for the Transformers: Animated Cartoon (2007). He made his only comic appearance in the Kerokero Ace Magazine's Transformers Animated: The Cool manga issue #6 by Naoto Tsushima. Unidentified in his original appearance, Clone #2716057 was later named in The AllSpark Almanac. The numerical string that serves as this clone's name is taken from Futurama, where it is the serial number of the robot Bender.

Major Story Arcs

Kadokawa Shoten

The Cool

Clone #2716057 attacked the Autobots in a city park, but was quickly defeated by Prowl and his power-boosting armor. The clone was brought to a warehouse where Clone #3370318 was being held. Starscream then activated a bomb within them. Before they could explode Prowl launched the clones into the sky where they exploded harmlessly.

Powers & Weaknesses

Clone #2716057 is one of the fastest flyers of the Decepticons, reaching a speeds of Mach 2.8. He can climb to sub-orbital altitudes of 52 miles and nose-dive to ground level in mere minutes. This makes him especially effective in surprise attacks and hit-and-run tactics. He can shoot cluster bombs up to 40 miles, that can level an area of 10,000 sq feet. His AGP (Alternating Gyro-Power) Nullifier can interrupt the flow of electricity in any circuity for two minutes. Like Starscream and the other clones, he overrates his abilities and will jump into situations he can't handle. His nose-dives can leave to a gyro-circuit overload leaving him disoriented.


  • Allegiance: Decepticon
  • Sub Group: Seeker
  • Function: Warrior/Scout
  • Alt-Modes: Cybertronian Jet, F-16 Fighting Falcon
  • Color Schemes: White/Red, Silver/Red (Manga, Animated)

Other Media


Transformers: Animated

Episode Appearances

    1. A Fist Full of Energon

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