Clone #2

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The Good

Do you like clones? Do you like good stories about clones? Then you'll love CLONE: the comic!

CLONE 2 delves deeper into the world of cloning and where the clone, Luke, originally came from. His wife has been kidnapped, and fellow clones have taken him in for his own safety to a whole complex filled with "Serge," the name for all the clones. At the same time, members of the government are planning on voting against stem cell research and use.

I mentioned in the review last month how much I enjoy Juan Jose Ryp's art here. The guy puts an amazing amount of detail into every panel. On top of that, his art has a real cinematic feel to it. You'll find yourself lost in the pages, as you read, and it will feel like you're watching a solid science fiction film. The book flows incredibly well, and Ryp's art is a big part of that. One of my favorite artistic scenes is when Luke is talking to another clone on the phone, and each panel has half of that character's face on it, split down the middle, making a larger panel of a completed clone face. It's an extremely interesting way to put that scene together.

I really like what writer David Schulner is doing with this book. The story is much larger than it seems, from the first issue, and it explores personal issues along with the larger story at play. One of my favorite moments, in this issue, is when Luke meets up with another clone and simply introduces himself to the clone. The clone, who says everyone is named Serge, gets pretty personal, and you can tell that at one point, he was just like Luke. Could this be the road this character is going down?

The Bad

Here we go again. I don't have any real problems with this issue. This is just a really cool book.

The Verdict

You should be reading CLONE. It's another fantastic book from Skybound (Image), and they've been doing a great job at giving readers something worth reading month-to-month. This book has a fantastic creative team, and the overall story is awesome.

I loved that this issue opened the reader up to a larger world and let them know that this story is a bit bigger than it originally seems. I'm loving this new series and where it's going.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue.


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