unclepappywolf's Cloak and Dagger #1 - The Broken Church review

Clock and Dagger One Shot #1

I must confess...I've lost touch with  these characters over  the year through their many pop ups throughout the Marvel Universe. So feel free to fill me in on how this story reads to those who have followed their more recent adventures. But every since their first issue I've always found them a fascinating well of untapped potential. If I could pick two lesser known characters in the Marvel U. to tinker around with it would be these two. 

That being said I'm so glad to see them in this one shot comic. I have to say I really love the artwork in this comic. Usually I find, in a Cloak and Dagger Comic,  it's Cloak's powers and visual look that gets the majority of the aesthetic focus and attention by the artist but in this issue the artists have successfully drawn Dagger's use of light and visual look equally as well...if not even better than Cloaks.

Take a look at Dagger's eyes...beautiful!  A great use of subtle facial emotions is drawn into both characters and The use of light and dark tones are very well done. I like the computer enhanced color and think it accentuates the pencil drawings. It's a nice blend of effects (hand drawn and computer).  It reminds me a lot of  the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex TV series without the anime art style. If I were rating this solely on the art I would definitely give it a 5 out  of 5! I wouldn't say no to Tandy if she offered Pappy's Dark and brooding nature some Light ...heh heh!
As for the story , well this Train Jumper ( a person who jumps on to a story or character as its already on its way) found it a little hard to follow without the background context but still straight forward enough to pick up on the relationship of the two lead characters without too much trouble. The general themes of the character still feel the same. Two characters who have a hard time finding a home or place given their tragic origins. No major reveals or outlandish leaps but a decent re-introduction. It's nice to see them working with other teams (in this case the X-Men)! I found the somewhat prejudicial view towards non Mutant gene holders by the character Nemesis an interesting future thread upon which to build. I like the rehab/Clockwork Orange take  by the villains towards mutants. I like the perspective of how lesser characters feel about other major Marvel Players like Cyclops and Storm. It was a decent read and I would love to read more.   
Pappy gives Cloak and Dagger One Shot #1  a 3.50 Paws out of 5!

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