hrdwrkngxsoldier's Cloak and Dagger #1 - The Broken Church review

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Cloak and Dagger 1-Shot

If you have been tracking the mutant population as I have this is a very important issue.   This is a good story about the relation ship between the duo, and the way that the deal with being apart from each other, especially when that distance is emotional as well as physical.

This is a well written story that involves a great deal of character development for the two of them and also answers some previous Marvel mysteries all at once.   Cloak has been porting back and forth from Utopia to his old neighborhood and has reconnected with the only girl that was nice to him growing up.   Dagger isn’t dealing with his absence very well and tries to find someone on the island to talk too, but feels out-casted by all the members of Nation X.

The plot shifts as we find out Tyrone’s old friend is actually someone with powers, put is involved with something else all-together.   An organization that believes using powers is an addiction, a crutch; and can be untaught with “therapy.”

The art was good, the story was necessary to clear up a lot and give Cloak and Dagger some new goals in the Marvel Universe.   Looks like we are going to get a new character and organization involved in the MU as well.

4 out of 5 Marvel Secrets Revealed.    


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