adamwarlock's Clive Barker's Hellraiser #5 - Requiem, Part One review

Further blandness and another artist switch spell "MEH"

Dear Hellraiser,

Please pick an artist and stick with them for more than 2 issues. You're an ongoing story and not an anthology title.



Seriously now: this issue is as bland and thoroughly non-engaging as the few that have come before. The story progresses as a slow and predictable pace, Kirsty spouts uncharacteristic vulgarities and a heroic/cliche'd "noooooo!", and all in all... this is just a poor product. Pinhead's character gets to follow a moderately intriguing goal, but it's one that actually got explored already in the 2nd and 3rd Hellraiser films that this book is ignoring.

This issue is titled as part 1 of a different story though it's just picking up from where the prior issue left off, which was NOT an ending to the first story. SLOPPY. And it makes me nervous that it means I'm not going to just get to drop this book at the end of the first arc as it's just carrying over into the second as one bigger, still lackluster arc.

The artist on this issue is another unfamiliar name to me, Jesus Hervas, picking up after two issues each by two different artists. 3 artists within 5 issues is a BAD thing as it makes it very hard for one continuing story to maintain a consistent level of quality and maintaining familiarity with the characters. It's less of an issue with easily recognizable media icons like Pinhead, but Kirsty really doesn't look like the same person she was last issue. The series has maintained an artistic design of overall grittiness throughout the three artists, but on this issue that comes back to bite them. First artist Leonardo Manco worked in that style just fine as he practically invented it. The second artist, whose name I can't even remember and I don't intend to make a point of following the works of, still managed to create a few standout panels. New artist Jesus Hervas allows his scenes to be swallowed up in the grittiness and darkness so badly that it's hard to tell what's even going on at times.

A lackluster product for an established and beloved property can often be described as "for fanatics only" since it surely won't hook the uninitiated. Well, I don't recommend this title for hardcore Hellraiser fans. It's kinda giving the property a bad name, if you ask me. I suppose I'd recommend it to casual but not die-hard fans... only. It's still not new-reader friendly, really. I mean, you don't need to know a bunch of past continuity to get on board, but it's still not bothering to build up its world or any of the characters.

So come here for a fix of gore and grittiness if you're desperate. Me, I feel like I was tricked into buying this title and I've got a bone to pick with Leonardo Manco who got me to start it then bailed after 2 issues.

Posted by darth bul

i liked the issue it was good

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