adamwarlock's Clive Barker's Hellraiser #4 - Pursuit of The Flesh, Part Four review

Too hectic

This issue has its moments, ultimately it throws too much hectic action and way too high of a random innocent bystander bodycount at the reader to add up to much.  Kirsty chases after "The Box" as it is passed around in the streets, causing the deaths of everybody it comes into contact with.  This causes continuity problems galore as it is a major departure from the rules of the Hellraiser World.  "It is not hands that summon us, it is desire" or something like that, Pinhead clearly proclaims way back when, before breaking that rule and going on a mindless rampage killing spree in Hellraiser 3.  I realize that the continuity of this title is ignoring some of the movies, perhaps all of them after the first, but nonetheless I was fairly certain that rule existed all over the continuity; and so its being flagrantly broken in this issue is a major detractor.
In addition... I just don't care about the characters.  All of them, even Kirsty, get little definition in the comic.  They are defined by their job rather than their persona, and they are very dull for it.
I was on board for this title for Leonardo Manco's art, and he seems to be gone for good after just 2 issues.  I abhor having incomplete stories, so I can't drop this book just yet... but at this quality level, without Manco returning I just don't see much here.  It's a nostalgic thrill to have fresh Pinhead material that isn't an abhorrent Hollywood remake, but beyond that, this title really isn't offering much.  The story is chaotic without being interesting, the characters are cardboard cutouts and with Manco Gone the art is merely decent.  This book is just bland.


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