Who Wants A (Clive Barker's) Nightbreed Director's Cut

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I'm not sure how many Clive Barker fans we have around here.  He is an awesome guy.  I had the opportunity to meet him once and he was great.  Nightbreed is a movie that was supposed to be the "Star Wars" of horror movies.  The movie was based on the short story "Cabal" by Barker.  Things were looking great but then the studio changed its tactics.  Rather than being promoted as an intelligent movie (as far as horror-type movies go), it was decided to market it as a straight horror movie. 

I still cringe at the tagline given on the original movie poster (seen to the right): "Lori thought she knew everything about her boyfriend...Lori was wrong!"  That's just pure cheese.  The poster seen to the left here was used for the video release.

What the story gave us was a world of "monsters."  What set this story apart from others was the real "monsters" in the story were the humans.  There was a ton of different characters created and given back stories that only appeared for a few seconds in the movie.  Due to the poor marketing and the release date (2 days after Valentine's Day in 1990), the movie didn't do as well as it should have.
Ever since the movie was released, there had been talks of extra footage.  Some reports list it at twenty-five minutes worth!  According to CHUD and Film School Rejects, the footage has been found.  Great news, right?  Not necessarily.  It seems the studio doesn't feel there is an audience big enough to release the footage or even upgrade it to Blu-ray.

What can be done?  You can go to the Revelations website and add your name to the petition or e-mail them at philandsarah@clivebarker.info and give them your name, country of origin and why the movie should be released.  If you've never seen the movie or don't care about the genre, do it for me.

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This is one of my FAVORITE "horror" films. I would love to see a Blu-Ray release!
BUT!!!!! Do yourself a favor, don't pick up the comic... There are somethings you can't unsee... I believe Marvel put it out too

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Yes Marvel did.  Through their EPIC line.  It wasn't too bad in the beginning.  But maybe because the first four issues were the movie adaption.

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Is David Cronenberg in this movie?

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@1eyejoker: yes, he was doctor Phillip K Decker... whether or not that pays homage to legendary sci-fi author Phillip K Dick is beyond me...

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I was so pissed when I saw that movie poster.  I was actually working in a movie theater when this came out.  As soon as the movie finished its run, I put the poster in my bedroom and even got a copy of the trailer which I cut some pieces and taped them to my bedroom window.  During the day, you could see the scenes.  Eventually the sun caused them to crumble.  I think the poster might still be at my parents house in the basement.

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Yeah, it's cheesy... But for me, cheesy in a good way.

Please tell me the movie theater was your first job...

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inferiorego said:
Yeah, it's cheesy... But for me, cheesy in a good way.Please tell me the movie theater was your first job... [more]
Actually second.  I was a busboy for like one week at a (great) Mexican restaurant (on the outskirts of Carpentersville).  Then I worked at the movie theater for a while.  Free movie, free popcorn, free posters...it was great.
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My first job was at a theater... I smell new thread

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I loved the book and the movie was cool too. Wish it was more like the book. Clive is real good....and disturbing.

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omg is this for real...I can't wait I love the book and the movie I see the movie be for the book so I think the world of this movie hell if Barker would take bart in it I would love to see a Remake

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Looks weird, but I'll take G-mans advice and check it out

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I'm not gonna lie, I normally don't do these online petition things but since I feel so strongly about this, I actually sent an e-mail.

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O.K., my only exposure was a glance at the comic many years ago, I never knew a movie had even been released.  Too bad Hollywood enjoys messing up unique ideas and concepts.

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Just for the nostalgia factor I'd pay $50 for this on Blu-Ray. This was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. The character designs and make-up were awesome.

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strange. interesting, but strange..

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this is one of those movies that inspired me to write.
it was a well-thought off but somewhat poorly executed but nevertheless worthy to watch.
i hope that it can be remade again...according to Clive Barker's real take on the story. I don't mind getting a copy of this one. 

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This must be released no ifs ands or sorry it didn't make the cuts
This movie was amazing it inspired me to do lots of what i do today

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I hope everyone is sending an e-mail to them to voice their opinion.  Having a director's cut on Blu-ray would be simply amazing.

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G-man... the Tribes of the Moon embrace you!

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He made a underrated game. Jerico was a great game.

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I commented on this on your twitter, I SIMPLY MUST OWN THIS. Still holds up as one of the greatest horror films of our time, fantastic book and the movie did it huge justice

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Nightbreed was fuk'n cool.

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I loved this movie

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