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Clint flies above the city, holding on to a rope that trails a helicopter containing the Queenpin, crimelord of Bangkok. The Queenpin cuts his rope and he falls onto the wing of a small plane below. He gets in, and finds that the pilot is A.J. Brillo (who looks like Jay Leno for some reason), who has his own score to settle with the Queenpin. He joins Clint in his vendetta, but their plane is caught in a smoke cloud and they crash.

They head toward the Queenpin's jungle camp. They knock out some guards and dress in their uniforms: dresses. (The Queenpin is a transvestite.) They find the Queenpin and Clint confronts him, but he is out of bullets. He looks to Brillo for help, but he joins with the Queenpin, who can pay off his debts. Clint shoots out the lights with Brillo's gun and runs out.

The Queenpin finds him and breaks his wrist. Clint bites his hand and runs off again. He gets in a boat and tries to escape down the river but the Queenpin follows in her copter. Clint sees that he is about to hit a log, so he jumps out. The boat hits the log and flips into the low-fling helicopter, destroying it and the crimelord.

Clint swims off, his mission accomplished.

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