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Cliffjumper is one of the smallest Autobots around, but you wouldn't know it by the way he charges first into battle. His courage more than makes up for his small stature, and he takes pleasure in being first on the battlefield to eliminate what he calls "Decepti-creeps". With a "let me at 'em!" attitude, Cliffjumper has a tendency to get himself into situations he cannot handle. His vehicle form is a Porsche 924 Turbo.

IDW Continuity

Cliffjumper's role in the Autobots became that of an elite commando. He performed solo commando missions, often assassinate key Decepticon commanders. One on such operation, he infiltrated a Decepticon base, eliminating its commander and killing five Decepticon guards in the process. He was shot down during his escape and crashed on the surface of a peaceful planet. As he attempted to signal for retrieval, he was found by a girl and her younger brother from a nearby farm. He accepted their offer of hospitality while he attempted to get a ride off the planet.

However, he was tracked by the Decepticons first. Alone, he managed to kill three Decepticons who were trying to hunt him down. He lost his advantage when the sister and brother were take hostage, forcing him to surrender. Despite his surrender, the sister was fatally wounded. Cliffjumper was only able to get the brother to safety before killing the rest of the Decepticons. He brought the boy to a new family before leaving the planet in the Decepticon's ship.

All Hail Megatron

Cliffjumper rejoined Optimus Prime's unit as it returned to Earth to resume battling the Decepticons after dealing with the Dead Universe crisis. Unfortunately, the Decepticons now appeared to be playing it smart and covert. The Autobots had trouble finding a good opening to strike at Megatron, until they found what seemed to be a good opportunity. The unit journeyed to the location their intelligence had directed them to, only to find themselves in the heart of an overwhelming ambush. Cliffjumper and the rest of the Autobots were defeated and at the Decepticons' mercy. The method of the execution was decided on quickly. They were to be escorted through a portal to Cybertron and fed to the Swarm, a horde of Insecticons which currently ravaged their desolated homeworld. The Autobots were saved by the efforts of Optimus Prime, the last to go through the portal. He succeeded in closing it behind him at great cost to himself.

Cliffjumper was then trapped on Cybertron with his fellow Autobots. They were short on Energon and established a bunker to try to keep clear of the Swarm. But this seemed all that they could do. There was no way for them to get off the planet, and recon teams were having no luck in finding new resources. Ever vigilant in looking for trouble, Cliffjumper spotted an emergency single from one of a recon team consisting of Bumblebee and Wheeljack. He headed out with Ironhide to check it out, finding a shadowy figure trailing the recon team. He succeeded in getting the drop on the intruder and found it to be Hot Rod, part of another Autobot unit that had wound up stranded on Cybertron.

Soon, the two combined Autobot units had to bug out to a safer location with the Swarm in close pursuit. By blowing a bridge, they managed to delay the Swarm from reaching their bunker. The time this bought them allowed for Optimus Prime to come back online. Also, a message Hot Rod had sent earlier had apparently reached Omega Supreme, who arrived on Cybertron in the nick of time. The Swarm was beaten back, and Omega Supreme delivered the Autobots back to Earth to finish their fight with the Decepticons.

The Autobots arrived in the midst of a battle already taking place in Manhattan between the Decepticons and humans. The Autobots turned the tide of battle against the Decepticons and succeeded in driving them off the planet.

Transformers: Prime

On Earth, Cliffjumper and Arcee are on patrol in a desert area. As they talk, Cliffjumper spots a field filled with energon ore and

Cliffjumper as he appears in Transformers: Prime

is soon attacked by Decepticon drones. He manages to hold his own for some time but soon the Decepticons blow the energon and knock Cliffjumper unconscious. He is then taken on board the Decepticon ship where he is killed by Starscream. As his life signal goes offline, the other Autobots mourn for him. Soon, Megatron returns to the Decepticons with dark energon and Starscream shows him Cliffjumper's dead body and they use the dark energon to bring him back to life as a mindless monster, attacking the Decepticons until Megatron slices him in half and lets his body fall in a large chasm. As his life signal came back online, the Autobots track it and attempt to rescue him but as Arcee finds him, she finds him covered in dark energon and leaves him and escapes with the other Autobots as Starscream blows the energon mine along with Cliffjumper.

When Arcee talks about him she says he was a chatter box and opened her to the prospects of having a partner again.

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