kfhrfdu_89_76k's Click #3 review

Don`t hang me for writing this.

Hello reader. This is my 28 review.

Bit about the plot.

So, the story starts with a greedy man and a woman using disturbing ways to find gold with a sexy young woman. She escapes them, and is found by a young man. She goes with him because he seems like a decent fellow. They go to a place, that is next to a Gastropoda-looking temple, to what Claudia (the series main-protagonist) and his cameraman go to. Inside it, a cult tries to contact aliens by masturbating. They get interested in Claudia, and start hunting her down. And that`s when the story really starts.

What I like.

I`m straight, and this has drawings of nude women (and a few of a nude man).

The art is stunning. Manara is known for drawing beautiful women, handsome men, dreamlike scenes that are absolutely insane and great landscapes. This album has almost all of them. Only ones that aren`t here are insane dreams.

It`s got jokes, which are pretty funny. They remind farces. For example, a man has genital problem, and he can`t get rid of it. Wait...That`s the only continuing joke in this one...Well, at least the dialogue is mostly written in tongue-in-cheek-manner.

This book has themes of good and evil placed so, that good wins and evil loses.

The writing is realistic, but not depressing, that alot of writers seem to get confused with eachother (whether it be accidental or not).

The last scene is realistic (in some ways) and cool. I didn`t see it coming.

What I don`t like.

Manaras characters always have a tiny bit loose moral. It disturbs me. The good thing is, that if they do something really wrong, they pay for it.

Two men (one of them totally deserved it) and a horse get hurt in this one. And a woman (off-panel).

No matter how sexy it looks, I still wouldn`t want to see someone forced to sex. Not even a comic character (who may or may not truly exist on the paper). Don`t believe me? Fine...

I read click 4 first (the most aggressively pornographic/erotic of all the albums), and when I read this, I wasn`t as excited, because it seems more tame than the fourth one.

So, who should get it?

Those who like to look at drawings of foxy nude ladies, and can handle reading a story during it.


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