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Cleon was the Warchief of the warriors and wears a leopard skin-like cloth over his head to represent his title.   After attending Cyrus' invitation, he was falsely accused of the shooting him and beaten.  It is assumed he is dead.  This made Swan the new Warchief.

Other Media

 The Warlord
The Novel 
Cleon was originally in the novel Warriors written in 1965 by Sol Yurik in the Novel his name was Papa Arnold.  This could be another nick name.
The Movie
The character of Cleon was in the movie and  played by Dorsey Wright.  He was part of the nine Warrior delegates that go to represent the gang at a big rally.  He is also the Warchief
The Video Games
The Video games were based more on the movie than the novel and used all the same characters.  It also took them through the same scenes of the film.   

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