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X - Force #1

Clayton Crain does all of his drawings on a computer. Joe Quesada said in an interview that Clayton Crain's work was like a mixture of the world's greatest tattoo artist and Leonardo Da Vinci. He did a four issue run titled Venom v.s Carnage. The comic introduced the character he co-created (Toxin). Crain went on to do work for the Ghost Rider title. He also did work on the X - Force title.

He is current work is the new Carnage series and the upcoming Carnage books

Carnage #2



1998 Acclaim

  • Shadowman #16-20
    • First professional work
    • Issue #16 has a retail preview and rare glow in the dark edition

1998 Image

  • Curse of the Spawn #24-29

1999 Image

  • Kiss Psycho Circus #18-31

2000 Image

  • Darkness #34-36
  • Sam & Twitch #14

2001 Top Cow

  • No Honor #1-4
  • Universe #1-8
    • A "-1" preview issue exists
    • Tom Judge: End Of Days #1

2004 Marvel

  • Ant Man #1-4
    • This series was never published, but would have been the first comic using Crain's new technique
  • Venom #14 - Cover Only
    • First cover with modern computer enhanced technique
  • Silver Surfer #10 - Cover
  • Marvel Knights Wolverine/Punisher #4 - Cover
  • Venom/Carnage #1-4
    • First published interior work using modern style
    • Introduces

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