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Claudia was a young slave girl who tried to get money for her pour family by begging on the streets. Claudia met a strange, but kind man named Eli Bard during one night. Eli was a royal citizen and gave her some food to bring back home to her parents. Claudia was excited, thanked him and returned home. Some days passed and Eli Bard, now betrayed by his own wife and friends, had reluctantly agreed to help an evil mutant named Selene with a plan that would kill everyone in her city. 
Claudia returning to her home
Eventually, just a day before the destruction of the city was about to take place, Eli saw Claudia again in the streets. She was so innocent that Eli couldn't help but feel guilty if such a beautiful child was to die. He walked up to her and told her to tell her parents to leave city tonight, because something terrible was about to happen. Claudia ran to her parents and told them, but instead of fleeing, her parents warned the authorities and took Eli and Selene into custody. Selene was burned as a witch, but before this happened she cursed Eli, granting him immortality but living a life of eternal pain.
How Claudia lived out the rest of her live remains to be seen...

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