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Claudia Cristiani is the protagonist of the " Click" series by Milo Manara. In the first volume (1983), Claudia was a young woman married to an older, wealthy man. She was passionless and ashamed to talk of anything marginally sexual. A friend of her husband who had attempted repeatedly to seduce her was frustrated at his lack of success. He arranged for her abduction and insertion of a remote-controlled device into her brain. Every time the device was activated, the reserved Claudia became insatiable and went seeking pleasure. Her controller thus arranged for several publicly humiliating incidents, resulting in her divorce. The divorce settlement left her financially secure and no longer caring who turned on the device. She was not afraid of the results.

In the second volume album (1991), Claudia appeared still married to her husband. But instead of a housewife, Claudia had become a successful television presenter. Her show focusing on ecological matters, a cause she was passionate about. Her husband acquired the device and hired a young man to use it on her to ruin her career. While the new incidents culminated on a televised striptease, the young man had fallen for her by the end of the album.

In the third volume (1994), Claudia was depicted as an investigative reporter traveling to the Amazon rain forest. She investigated a cult which did not allow recruits to leave under any circumstances and the ruthless exploitation of workers in the local mining industry. She barely managed to escape with her life and evidence to bring her opponents to justice. However by the time she reached California by ship, Claudia was confronted by her pursuers who had acquired the device. After forced to strip in public for a large audience, Claudia was transported back to Latin America. They intended to offer her to the mine workers to rape to their hearts content. Not having seen a woman in years, the workers were expected to act as animals. Instead they took offense and identified with the exploited woman, starting a strike. By the end of the album, the cult had lost its leader and members sought out personal pleasure. The businessman running the mines faced financial ruin. The album makes no mention of Claudia being married.

In the fourth volume (2001), Claudia had reverted back to a housewife. Her husband now depicted as domineering and verging on the abusive. This time the husband is a corporate lawyer defending a chemical industry responsible for several accidents causing blindness. The daughter of one of the victims acquires the device and decides to use it on Claudia to get blackmail material on the husband. However in the first major incident of Claudia publicly exposing herself, the girl looses track of her. Claudia is later found held captive by a group of pimps who were trying to find a way to earn money from her. The police manages to arrest the pimps but the fate of Claudia is left uncertain. The abrupt ending and lack of dialogue from Claudia throughout the volume has caused the book to become the one least appreciated by the series' fans.

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