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The Lightning Thief

She first appears when Percy is exploring the camp for the first timeand she attempts to dunk his head in the toilet. She calls this an initiationbut she is never shown doing it ever again. HoweverPercy uses his powers to shoot water out of the plumbing and knock Clarisse out of the bathroom. Later Percy and Clarisse fight during Capture the Flag. Clarisse appears to be winning till Percy falls in the creek. The water rejuvenates him allowing him to turn the tide against her and break her electric spear. At the end it is said that the Ares children all hate Percy now because he defeated their father in combat.

Powers and Abilities

  • ADHD: All demigods appear to have ADHDbut it is in fact their enhanced reflexes and awareness of things around them.
  • Dyslexia: Demigods have dyslexia because their brains are hard-wired for Ancient Greek
  • Strength: Clarisse possess great strength although whether or not it is super human has not been clarified.
  • Fighting Skills: Like most children of Ares she possess great skill in both armed and unarmed combat.
  • The Blessing of Ares: All children of Ares have the capability to gain the Blessing of Ares. If they prove their bravery in the middle of combat, they get surrounded in a red aura that makes them temporarily invincible. This lasts until they calm down after combat.
  • Control of the dead: All dead soldiers of the losing sides of past wars are honor bound to serve Ares and his children.

Weapons and Items

Electric spear: A gift from her father, Clarrise's spear discharges an electric shock when it makes contact with an enemy. She has had two, one Percy broke in his first game of capture the flag at camp, The second she used to kill a drakon with in The Last Olympian. This spear broke as well. Clarisse called both spears "Maimer", but other campers called it "Lamer" behind her back.

Boar's head helmet: Clarisse wears a helmet in battle that has the shape of a boar's head, the sacred animal of her father.

Flying chariot: Clarisse used a flying chariot in The Last Olympian for transportation to New York. It belongs to the Ares cabin, but it is available for use by any cabin when they aren't using it.

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