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Character Pre-Crisis History

Clarice was captured along with her fiance Jim Corrigan by Gats Benson. They trap Clarice and kill Jim.

Character Post Crisis History

Can't find Jim

Clarice Winston met Jim Corrigan in a club in the 1930's. Clarice was there with a boyfriend but she was in the lounge while he was in the back gambling illegally. She was talking to Jim and he was so smitten with her that he warned her the place was about to be raided. Clarice liked Jim as well and left him her phone number.

Later Jim and Clarice fell in love and he proposed to her. They were going to get married until Jim was killed by Gats Benson and his gang. After they killed Jim they went after Jim's partner Waylon Grant and Clarice. When the are capture and tortured Spectre shows up to save them. Jim had become the Spectre in-between his death and their capture. He fight the whole gang and even kills Gats Benson but, at a cost.

Clarice was killed by a bullet during the fighting. Spectre was distraught and physically pulled he soul back to her body and saved her. The question in this was her soul was at peace at her death and she was heading to heaven. It is not known if she made it there after living a longer life. After she was saved Jim was forced to break up with her because he was dead. She then remarried a few times and lived a long time.

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