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Clara Barton
Clarissa Harlowe Barton, or as she preferred Clara, was born in Oxford, Massachusetts, U.S. on Christmas day, (December 25) 1821. She was the youngest of five children. Despite being the youngest, when one of her brothers was injured, Clara partook in care and nursing him back to health, despite only being 11. Inspired by her Aunt  Martha Ballard. In an era when the majority of males were male, Clara helped prove that women were as competent as teachers. She was also one of the first woman ever to be employed by the United States Government. During the Civil War, her frustration and seeing wounded, led her to fight and insist that she be allowed to treat the wounded on the battlefield, even if it meant endangering herself. After the Battle of Run, Clara had set up the means to allow better organization of medical supplies to those wounded and who needed it. Subsequently she was allowed by Army Officials and Generals, greater freedom as far as putting and getting to injured and wounded troops. There were many moments where Clara's life was not just in endangered generally, but rather more specifically, as such wne a bullet grazed her and killed the soldier she was tending to. Barton also played a large part in establishing the The Atwater List, which was a list of the dead soldiers as to help ease the pain of families who may not have known what had happened. This project also involved Clara helping identify the graves of approximately 13,000 men. 
In 1869 Clara was introduced to the Red Cross, and concept and idea behind it. Around the same time, she was also trying to establish international treaties and laws, ensuring protection for the the sick and wounded during wartime irrespective of nationality or allegiance and the a establishment of neutral aid that work voluntarily between conflicts. (otherwise known as the Geneva Convention) Though it was Henry Dunant, who founded the Red Cross Movement, Clara is known and respected for bringing and organizing the American branch. Many of her most significant contributions to society came during these years. Her great life is remembered and honored in various ways including dozens of schools, and community centers and even a crater on Venus named in her honor.

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