Marvel To Release CIVIL WAR On Graphic Audio

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Whether or not you enjoyed the story, CIVIL WAR was without a doubt, one of the most important and politically charged superhero stories at Marvel in the last ten years. The story was not only huge in the sense that it pitted Marvel's biggest heroes against one another; but it also established a voice for each of its characters in a way we hadn't seen before. When up against the U.S. government, will Marvel's greatest heroes reveal their true identities?

Variant Cover Civil War #1 - Michael Turner's pencils

CIVIL WAR wasn't just a good story because it was beautiful and featured the work of tremendous talents like Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, it was a story grounded in reality that built on previous Marvel story arcs like AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED, HOUSE OF M and SECRET WAR. It's been years since the release of the story arc, but that doesn't mean Marvel wants to forget all about it. The publisher announced today that it would be bringing a new prose novel based on CIVIL WAR to be published through GraphicAudio. The CIVIL WAR prose novel was firs published in June, 2012 and the GraphicAudio will be made available on May, 2013. However, CIVIL WAR won't be the only Marvel book being published in a graphic audio format; two titles featuring The Ultimates and one Spider-Man prose novel will also be made available.

Anji Cornette, Executive Producer at GraphicAudio® says, “We are very excited to be working with Marvel and to have this opportunity to publish CIVIL WAR in our GraphicAudio®…A Movie in Your Mind® audio entertainment format and I know with certainty that our fans are going to be looking forward to the release.”

“CIVIL WAR is one of the most popular and resonant Super Hero stories of all time, full of the action, drama and intrigue that make it so perfect for the GraphicAudio format,” said Ruwan Jayatilleke, Associate Publisher & Senior Vice President, Print, Animation and Digital Media, Marvel Entertainment. “Working with The Cutting Corporation allows us to deliver this epic conflict between the heroes of the Marvel Universe, led by Iron Man and Captain America, in a way fans haven’t ever experienced before!”

What do you think of the news? Would you be interested in purchasing an audio book version of the CIVIL WAR prose novel? Is the adaptation of comic books and graphic novels to prose something that interests you? How is the experience different and, is it worth it?

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I probably would not purchase the audio, but people who like audio books may get into comics because of this

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Now where's my Annihilation?

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cover is kinda weak - shouldve just used the original artworks.. why even Wolverine, who didnt have too major role in CW, is on the cover fighting fire lol?!

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Tried to get into Doctor Who audio books once, just didn't do anything for me really having said that I wouldn't mind giving this a try.

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only good audio books are the harry potter books. stephen fry is awesome!!

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I prefer motion comics but this seems interesting.

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Graphic Audio is more than an audio book; It's like watching an action packed cartoon with your eyes closed. It really helps the blind to see the book that people have been reading for years. The Crisis of Infinite Earths Graphic Audio is great; I just may buy the Civil War one.

I think it be really cool if marvel did a graphic audio version of every issue they put out on Wednesdays.

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Uuuuuuggh. Enough Civil War! There's more and better stories Marvel!

And what is Wolverine doing there?! He wasn't important in Civil War! Hate that overrated piece of crap.

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I would rather have a Civil War animated movie! It's been awhile since Marvel has released an animated movie!

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@CrimsonCake: Me too. A motion comic would be way better.

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I want to read the Civil War Event. this is cool for those who like audio books, but id rather invest time in reading the books.

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After I read issue #2 of Civil War, the series became a big 'put on' to me. I couldn't buy into it at all. It's like they didn't even think the series out after that.

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This company, Graphic Audio, are one the best creative team in audiobook. All of their DC adaptacion are wonderfull to hear,

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I freaking love Graphic Audio! They truly live up to their slogan: A movie in your mind and are imo the premier audiobook company. I'd be upset if any other company had gotten to do the audio adaption, a definite must buy for me.

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What is prose and graphic audio...little help? Sorry if I am lame.

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I love graphic audio! I have many of the DC stories and always wondered it they would tackle Marvel Stories. Very happy to see this is going happen.

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I'm not so much into audio books myself but for those that enjoy such a medium I say go for it! I'm just curious who the voice talent would be for this...

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I thought this was not very critically acclaimed. why thia particular storyline

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Just finished listening... FANTASTIC!  
Man, they did such a good job on this, I want more NOW!

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