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Hi guys,

I'm a little bit confused on some things. Is the Civil War officially over? What happens to all the anti registration heroes? Is the regristration Act still in effect?



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Yea, it's over. The registration act is still in effect. The anit reistration heroes are now underground, still doing hero things.

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Civil War was over in Civil War #7, which happened a long time ago. Basically Cap's boys have given up. A few heroes kept hiding and resisting but the big movement with the Registration vs Anti-registration heroes is over. Stark won and became Director of Shield (which is gone now thanks to Hammer) and the Initiative was in effect. The post-Civil war era is kind of over now though thanks to Secret Invasion. Those awkward affiliations that occured at the end of Civil War were broken up once again during Secret Invasion and during parts of Dark Reign, or the post-invasion world.

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