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Amazing Spider-Man

With the Super-Human Registration Act being passed, Peter Parker has formed an alliance with Tony Stark and has revealed his secret identity to the public. Peter begins to have second thoughts about his choices he is making as he doesn't quite agree with Tony Stark's methods upon seeing the Negative Zone where anyone refusing to register will be imprisoned without trial. Spider-Man sheds his Iron Spider costume and puts on his original costume and goes on the news making a public statement about his opinions on the registration act and says he can no longer support it. While is prison, the Kingpin puts a hit out on Spider-Man and his family. The sniper attempts to shoot Peter through his hotel window but Peter's Spider-Sense goes off and he grabs Mary Jane and jumps out of the way. The bullet hits Aunt May as Peters face is filled with shock and terror.

J. Michael Straczynski has written a nice tie-in to the Civil War story arc in which Spider-Man is faced with all new obstacles. Most importantly is the incident with Aunt May being shot which sets up the Back In Black volume. The art of Ron Garney is excellent who is the only artist on this volume which is a positive to have the same art style throughout the whole volume. If you're a fan of the Amazing Spider-Man series you'll love these seven issues as they crossover into the Civil War story arc and set the tone for what is to come next.

Rating - 5/5


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