jhorton10's Civil War #1 - TPB review

Civil War

Buy it, Read it

This comic is amazing, from start to finish, it excels any other Marvel Comic.

Civil War follows the implementation and consequences of the Superhuman Registration Act, a legislative bill which required the mandatory registration of any person based in the United States with super powers.

This act means that all superhumans or superheroes have to give there identity and reveal it to all, so people do not feel threatened and know who is saving them.

One major revelation is that of Peter Parker revealing himself as Spiderman, under pressure from Iron Man.

There are two groups throughout, those for the Superhuman Registration act, and those against. Those against, lead by Captain America must go undercover and not allow anyone know where they are, if they are found they will be taken into custody.

Those for are lead by Iron Man.

This comic shatters the Marvel Universe into pieces, Heroes vs Heroes and Villains vs Villains, this is a must read for comic lovers and Marvel Lovers, or if you are choosing to collect, this is a great starter.

In all this has to be one of the greatest storiest ever told.


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