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Who's Side Are You On?

One of the biggest events ever in the Marvel universe and the question you must ask yourselves is "Who's side are you on?" After the incident in Stampford, lines are drawn and lines are crossed as the government has passed the Super-Human Registration Act forcing every super hero to register with the government. Iron Man leads the pro-registration group and Captain America forms an underground group of heroes refusing to register. Some big events that happen are Spider-Man revealing his true identity, a clone of Thor is made, Goliath dies and the government is using a new group of Thunderbolts that consists of villains to track down any heroes refusing to register. It all comes down to one final battle in which Captain America surrenders, tells his team to stand down and allows police to arrest him. At the end of the story Iron Man was made director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the government launches the 50 state Initiative. 

This is one of the best Marvel comics I have had the pleasure of reading. The story and the art are both phenomenal. The action and conflict these heroes face make this a very enjoyable comic to read. Mark Miller and Steve McNiven did a fantastic job on this comic which is sure to have lasting repercussions in the Marvel universe. This is one comic that should definitely be in your collection. 

Rating - 5/5

Posted by Silkcuts

I read your review, read mine. :D

Posted by Dark Noldor

I like Civil War very much - 
bought the HC.
Love Mcniven's art (just read
the series Meridian), awesome.

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