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The NEW comic series based on the SPECTACULAR video game! Paragon City has been crippled by a mysterious attack. Statesman, the city's greatest hero, is still missing. All the city's remaining heroes, including the Freedom Phalanx, are struggling to deal with their powers that have vanished or gone haywire. Can the Freedom Phalanx find their leader and restore the power to the City of Heroes? Eisner-Award winning superhero writer Mark Waid brings you the action, with Kubert School grad and Wizard contest winner David Nakayama on art!                                   


The issue begins where Part 2 left off and after Manticore shot and killed Statesman Prometheus does what he promised and also gives the heroes a power boost. With all the heroes powers restored Manticore boosts into city hall and asks Numina to resurrect Statesman when Lord Relcuse and his henchmen come to attack the heroes. When Manticore finds out that Numina can’t resurrect him because he has already been dead too long Manticore then blows himself up and grabs on too statesmans soul with his dead soul and when Numina resurrects Manticore both of them are brought back. The heroes then join the battle against Lord Relcuse and Lord Relcuse and his minions are badly beaten. The issue ends with statesman flying around Atlas Park                   

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