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Statesman and the Freedom Phalanx must team up with the mysterious new hero known as Foreshadow, as well as the rest of his team, to face the Banished Pantheon and HUNDREDS of super-powered villains!!! But what is the Pantheon's plan? And what does it have to do with the Circle of Thorns and an ancient and powerful scroll? These answers and many others will begin to be revealed in this issue.                               


The issue starts off where the last took place introducing members of the two teams the Freedom Phalanx and W.I.S.D.O.M. the fight that follows is brutal some enjoying it more then others. Numina reveals that the villains minds are controlled by an outside force forcing them to fight with extreme ferocity. Fast Foward to Independance Port where Panetheon shamans cause a massive lightning storm to take place and attack a small police station. Back to Brickstown where the heroes are still trying to fend off the attacking supervillains. In which Swan, Numina and sister psyche channel their abilities through Mirror spirit to jam the mind control of the villains. The plan is sucessful and the villains are knocked out. Back to Independance Port where Numina and Mirror spirit investigate the Police office that was attacked. Appering the shamans found what they were looking for when Baron Zoria the leader of the circle of thorns lair which was under attack apperes. At dark astoria a firey shadowy figure explains that soon their freedom will be at hand.Back at Phalanx headquarters Zoria, Numina and Mirror spirit arrive. The heroes split into two teams one to inflintrate the circle of thorns lair and the other to go to Dark Astoria to confront the threat. In the Circle of thorns lair the shamans are conducting some sort of ritual when manticore says "huh" outloud and attracts the attention of the whole room.

Back at Phalanx headquarters Zoria, Numina and Mirror spirit arrive. 

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