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The Romani are an outcast troupe of circus performers. The Leader of the Cirque Du Romani is Madame Divinite. The members of her troupe include: Gitano, Bippo, Pibbo, Chavaia, Monsieur Napoleon, and Arliquinn. They distrust anyone that is not part of their troupe. Outsiders are called Gaje which is meant to be a derogatory description.


The Cirque Du Romani are a creation of Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald.

Team Evolution

Lady Mechanika and the Cirque du Romani

Monsieur Napoleon and Lady Mechanika

Lady Mechanika encountered the Cirque Du Romani while following a clue left behind by the Engineer's attack and subsequent theft of the dead girl's body. What was left behind at the attack was a small item with the engraving of the Cirque on it. Bippo, Pibbo, and Monsieur Napoleon managed to steal all the rounds from Lady Mechanika's weapon without her knowing it. The fact that she was armed but also that she tried to fire at Chavaia made a horrible first impression with Gitano.

Lady Mechanika vs. Gitano

Lady Mechanika asked Gitano what he knew about a young girl with mechanical limbs who might have been with the Cirque Du Romani. Gitano and his troupe were quick to dismiss her questions and tried unsuccessfully to get her to leave. Lady Mechanika noticed how quickly they were trying to get rid of her and began to grow suspicious and questioned them further. Things turned sour when Gitano began to take offense to Lady Mechanika's accusations and a fight ensued. Lady Mechanika managed to stun Chavaia and pin Gitano to the ground before Madame Divinite showed up. Madame Divinite broke up the fight with a few words to her troupe members.

Madame Divinite

Gitano, Madame Divinite, Arliquinn, and Mechanika

Madame Divinite is the leader of the Cirque Du Romani. Lady Mechanika began to question Madame Divinite about the Mechanika Girl to which Madame Divinite gave Lady Mechanika the same response as Gitano; there had never been a girl with mechanical limbs at the Cirque Du Romani. It was when Lady Mechanika showed Madame Divinite the earring that was found on the Mechanika Girl's body that she recognized to whom Lady Mechanika was searching for.

Seraphina and Blackpool Armaments

Seraphina and Angelo

The earring that Lady Mechanika had recovered from the dead girl belonged to Seraphina, the daughter of Gitano and a former member of the Cirque. Seraphina and her partner Angelo were high flying trapeze artists. Seraphina had fallen in love with Angelo and the pair left the Cirque because they were disillusioned with the circus life. Lady Mechanika told Gitano and Madame Divinite that Seraphina was dead.


Arliquinn then spoke up and told the Cirque the real reason why Seraphina left them in the first place. She was approached by a one-eyed woman with red hair who invited her to join a rival circus troupe. Lady Mechanika recognized this woman right away as Commander Winter, the mercenary that worked for Blackpool Armaments. What troubled Lady Mechanika was why Blackpool Armaments would go through so much trouble to go after a circus member to do their mechanical experiments on when they could have taken a beggar off the street that no one cared about.. She was unsure of what this special interest in Seraphina. Gitano and Madame Divinite exhanged curioues glances at one another, hinting to some unknown secret.

Bippo, Pibbo, and Monsieur Napoleon

Lady Mechanika, satisfied with the information she now received, parted with the Cirque Du Romani but not before Madame Divinite told Lady Mechanika that Seraphina was not dead yet. She makes this bold claim because when someone of her blood dies, she is always visited by their spirit but she had never been visited by Seraphina. Lady Mechanika vowed to Madame Divinite and Gitano that she will deal with whoever did this to Seraphina.

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