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When mankind first discovered magic, seven individuals had been the first to harness this newly found power. From this power they believed that it was their responsibility to protect the world from evil, external and internal attacks. These seven had also been the ones to punish the Trinity of Sin, for their crimes against man and the world. The Trinity had been made up of; Pandora, the Phantom Stranger and and unknown man believed to be the Question.

Each member of the trinity had been punished in according to his/her crime, Judas Iscariot had been punished to walk as a stranger to man and a witness of mans greed for all of eternity, Pandora was sentenced an eternity of pain and loneliness and the unknown man was sentenced to question his own identity as well as be in search of answers that he will never find.

Modern Era

The Circle still remained semi-active up into the modern age, with only the Wizard Shazam as the last living member. Due to the imminent return of Black Adam, a former champion of Shazam, he ventures forth and seeks out the young Billy Batson and empowers him to become the superhero Shazam. As his final act, the Wizard seeks out Pandora telling her that of the Trinity of Sin, she was the one they misjudged before he died and crumbled to dust.

5 Years Later

A new, very different Circle of Eternity has been assembled five years into the future, coming together to judge whenever the Phantom Stranger has earned his forgiveness for his original sin. Now the members include the demon Trigon and Mister E.

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