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616236 captain_batman_FTW Character Overview 01/21/15 05:49AM 16 Approved
616233 captain_batman_FTW Character Overview 01/21/15 05:43AM 26 Approved
614038 kiss_lamia Character Overview Changed Weaknesses The Person Had Written Holly Instead Of Moly Which Is The Correct Herb That Nulified Circe's Magic. 01/19/15 04:33PM 1 Approved
582213 angelbabe333 Character Overview 12/08/14 05:41PM 0 Denied
581699 trayc27 Character Overview 12/07/14 08:58PM 18 Approved
581689 trayc27 Character Overview 12/07/14 08:41PM 0 Approved
581687 trayc27 Character Overview 12/07/14 08:40PM 2 Approved
581682 trayc27 Character Overview 12/07/14 08:11PM 37 Approved
581678 trayc27 Character Overview 12/07/14 08:01PM 72 Approved
581448 trayc27 Character Overview 12/07/14 11:33AM 6 Approved
562001 KingVenus Character Overview 11/08/14 10:14AM 124 Approved
562000 KingVenus Character Overview 11/08/14 10:14AM 124 Approved
561999 KingVenus Character Overview 11/08/14 10:13AM 1 Approved
390651 kiss_lamia Character Overview also added necromancy (ressurected medusa) and escape artist (makes everyone think she's dead quite a few times and then turns out she's not) 03/17/14 06:02PM 5 Approved
390567 kiss_lamia Character Overview added teleportation and astral projection to powerlist 03/17/14 01:13PM 5 Approved
52435 fesak Character Overview 05/07/13 10:51AM 6 Approved

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