Princess Protection Program

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This has nothing to do with the 2009 Lovato/Gomez movie, for those that were expecting that.  Instead I just thought it was a catchy name that I could poach.  What was of interest to me in this past week of comics (and it was a pretty slow week) was the cover for the Grimm Fairy Tales Halloween special.  I have been thinking for a while now that it would be interesting for the Grimm Fairy Tales franchise to rehabilitate Cindy into an agent of good.  The idea first came to me while reading Myths and Legends, which after I started reading Grimm Fairy Tales in the spring was the last series that I caught up to.  Incidentally this series is one of the better ones from the franchise thus far as it takes a much closer look at some of the characters that were introduced in the earlier parts of the main series before the main series got off track somewhat.  This takes the approach that all the characters who were shown previously were falsebloods, and as there is a war in the making between different factions of falsebloods (those being people of both highborn and mortal lineage) that it is important to both sides to recruit the falsebloods to their own sides.  Thus far the series protagonist (Samantha Darren) has had only moderate success at doing this.  She got Britney Waters (Little Red Riding Hood) and lost the Little Mermaid (though to the evil side not associated directly with the war) and failed to even recognize another falseblood in the Beauty and the Beast story arc.  With these three organized together on the issue though, it raises the question as to whether it is in the cards for Cindy to be reclaimed.  Although never explicitly identified she is the first of these falsebloods to be identified, in this case by the Dark One, and despite her evil nature thus far, there is no reason why she cannot be reclaimed.  In fact I think she is under utilized as a villain when these characters make much better heroes as they are flawed.  Her appearance here is probably just for show and to create a neat looking cover (as she doesn't appear in the issue itself) but still it raises the question as to whether she might be in the process of being used elsewhere and if she might need some protection from the heroes at some point.  
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I do not think a villain should ever be able to be redeemed. I mean, "hey Joker is now the #1hero in the DCU. Jason, Barbara, you just have to deal with it."

I mean, you 'might' be able to get away with a killer if they were an assassin, or a government agent of some kind, but even then, try telling that to some of the people. Killers crosses that line.

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@COBRAMORPH: There are lots of redeemed villains though, for instance Rogue or Emma Frost

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