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Although her first appearance is in Scare Tactics #3, the story of how Cindy came to know the Scare Tactics gang is not shown until Catwoman Plus #1, in the extra story "Wild Things".

Cindy was incarcerated at the same facility in New Mexico where the other members of the group were being held, after each had been captured by a shady government organization named R-Complex dedicated to the supernatural (Operation Prodigy). Arnold Burnsteel attempted to free the young monsters, but only managed to save four - in the rush of events, Cindy was left behind.


Cindy Brand was created by Len Kaminski, Andy Lanning and Anthony Williams.

Character Evolution

After the events at the New Mexico facility, Cindy is angry, feeling betrayed and abandoned. She later says that the government did horrible things to her after the others left, things so unbearable that she agrees to work with them, rather than suffer any more. When she eventually catches up to the rest of the Scare Tactics group she is furious, and almost helps the government to capture them. She lets them go, though, when she realizes that she cannot allow anyone to go through what she did.

Major Story Arcs

Cindy does not take part in any story arcs.

Powers and Abilities

Cindy has the power to summon and control fire.

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