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When Cinderella wished to her fairy godmother to escape from her present surroundings, she created a costume for Cinderella to which she could go to the ball in. The only problem is that her costume would disappear at midnight, and thus Cinderella was forced to flee after she realized she had nearly stayed too late. Her costume disappeared but her slipper remained, and the prince searched his land for the girl he had fallen in love with, and he knew he would find her when he found the foot that perfectly fit. He eventually finds Cinderella and the two are wed.

The depiction of the slipper is somewhat of an anachronism. As the story is one which was first published in 1697, and told long before then, high heels as they exist in modern society would not have existed. Nonetheless the depiction of the slipper is generally much more in line with that is a high heeled shoe, in some more contemporary versions even a stiletto or platform.

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