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The Fables version of Cinderella shares the same story as the fairy tale version. A young girl, forced to work for a cruel stepmother, is given one night of reprieve with the help of a Fairy Godmother. She attends a gala event held by Prince Charming, falls in love, and soon becomes Charming's third wife (after Snow White and Briar Rose). The couple divorces before the great migration of Fables to the Mundane world, and Cinderella soon becomes an entrepreneur and owner of the local shoe store which acts as a front for her secret missions for Bigby.


Cinderella was created by Bill Willingham and Lan Medina for the Fables series. She has had her own mini-series, Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love, and Cinderella: Fables are Forever, both written by Chris Roberson and penciled by Shawn McManus.

Character Evolution

When Cindy is first introduced in Fables, she is believed to be an immature and narcissistic divorcee who is constantly flitting about on trips around the world to break up her boring life. She hates her ex-husband with a passion and doesn't even seem to enjoy her shoe business--it's merely a way to fund her globe trotting. However, as the series unfolds her character becomes fleshed out as a cunning super spy--helped in great part to the mini-series she starred in. Having had millenia to train in martial arts and espionage techniques, there would be no spy comparable to her.

Major Story Arcs

Cinderella is Prince Charming’s third ex-wife. She divorced him due to his infidelity, and she came to the Mundane world as part of the last group to leave the Homelands. How she began working for Bigby Wolf as a spy is unknown. Cinderella was recruited as his off-the-books agent shortly after her arrival in the mundane world, approximately two centuries prior to the present-day setting of the comics. Missions shown have included seducing Ichabod Crane in Paris to get him to reveal that he was willing to turn traitor and provide valuable intelligence to the Adversary. She served as an envoy to giants of the Cloud Kingdoms, aiming to forge an alliance with them, a mission that ultimately put her in debt to Frau Totenkinder, but that also cleared the way for Bigby Wolf's covert insertion into the Homelands depicted in Happily Ever After, a mission where Cinderella served as his briefing officer. She also participated in the interrogation of the wooden soldiers captured after the Battle of Fabletown, and later helped with the interrogation of Baba Yaga.

Cinderella considers herself to be the finest secret agent who has ever lived, on the grounds that, being immortal, she has had multiple human lifespans to perfect her craft and, uniquely among Fables, has had access not only to the magical resources of the Fables, but also all the technologies and techniques perfected by the mundane population. Her public persona is loud, brash and carefree, with most of her fellow Fables dismissing her as a shallow and largely irresponsible playgirl. On a mission, however, Cinderella is calm, calculating and frequently ruthless, displaying no qualms about killing when required. Due to her experiences with her ex-husband, she does show distrust and disdain for men who appear royal or of higher class.

In Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love, she discovers (due to Frau Totenkinder's interference) that her Fairy Godmother is alive. Also that she was once the one for Briar Rose, along with her sisters who were mysteriously killed off by their enemy. So to get back at her (Frau), the Fairy Godmother intervened in her schemes such as bringing Rapunzel's Prince to her tower. She also discovers that now her Fairy Godmother is the one behind the black-marketing trade of magics and weapons and that she had taken over the kingdom of UltimaThrule as her own; due to midnight being so long away as in months.

Cinderella tries at first to hear her old Godmother out, but sees she hasn't changed her ways. She yells at her for wanting to marry her off and that she should have known better to marry her off to Prince Charming, knowing how he ruined his marriage to Briar Rose. After a long battle, with the help of Dickory, she defeats her Fairy Godmother. But she's unable to kill her, so she leaves her to the people of UltimaThrule to decide her fate. She also soon returns home to Fabletown to find her store being mobbed by protestors.

Crispin apparently tried using the elves to make magic shoes for the women of Fabletown, but his plan backfired. Cindy ultimately got them to a compromise and got rid of the shoes. She also made Crispin pay for the shoes with his check and give the women foot massages. She also got to enjoy a "happily-ever-after-for-the-moment" with Aladdin, who helped her with solving the case of the magic-contraband.

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