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In the first story "Aim to Please", Cinderella faces life as a Princess (consort). She has been given the duty to organize palatial meetings and celebrations. However, she finds herself restrained by strict protocols and the elitism with which even the palace staff treats people of humble background. Like herself. She tries to include peasants in palace festivities and make changes for the better.  
In "Tall Tail", Jaq is resentful of his small size  preventing him from effectively helping Cinderella in her new life. The Fairy Godmother temporarily changes him into a human. He is no more real help and misses his own  love interest.  
In "An Uncommon Romance", Anastasia has fallen in love with a baker, a decent man but beneath her social station. She has to defy her mother Lady Tremaine and sister Drizella to find happiness. Only her stepsister Cinderella is willing to help her. In a subplot, Lucifer is himself in love with Pom Pom, a snobbish palace cat. The mice are trying to play matchmakers, hoping it would distruct the two vicious cats from hunting them.  
The movie was mostly rejected by critics but sold extremely well for a straight-to-video release.

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