teewillis1981's Cinderella: Fables are Forever #3 - Part Three review

Chesire Cat Got Your Tongue?

First I can't even begin to review this issue without gushing over the cover art by Chrissie Zullo, absolutely fantastic! In case you missed the pop culture reference used as artistic inspiration, here ya go:

The Story
1984, Cinderella is in Thailand battling her most dangerous foe, Dorothy Gale. She quickly realizes that her fighting skill is matched in ability with Dorothy and takes to heart Bigby's Seventh Rule of Engagment: never walk into a room you don't know how to exit. She flees the scene as she is outnumbered by four of the Seven Brothers. 

Thailand Present Day: In the last issue Madame Zeng is taken out of the picture by the deadly Chiss and it's poisonous porcupine needles. To make a long story short, she is saved by an unlikely hero and pieces together some clues left behind by Madame Zeng. The clues lead her to Burkina Faso, Africa where she must match wits with a very untrustworthy fable.  Hopefully Cinderella knows what she's doing as she tries to find Dorothy Gale to get some questions answered.

The Good
The story is action packed! Cinderella proves yet again that she is a very competent spy and that Dorothy Gale is a very worthy opponent. I really enjoyed the back story of Dorothy Gale and her questionable ethics regarding historical misdeeds. Sean McManus brings the story alive with his wonderful art, no complaints there. Chris Roberson sets up some really interesting plot twists and engages the reader all the way through! 

The Bad
At first I was unclear as to the general direction Roberson was taking this character and was unsure if the foundation of this series was strong enough to carry it on for more than 3 issues, but I have clearly been proven wrong. I really don't see any weaknesses in this issue, full of positive vibes!

"Besides, there's always Bigby's Eighth Rule of Engagement: It isn't a trap if you want to get caught."

Start from issue #1 and follow this story. You won't regret it!

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