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Chuma is a member of an unnamed pygmy tribe in West Africa. This tribe for generations was protected by a cat goddess. This goddess was at one time a mortal member of the tribe but upon being selected, underwent the transformation and became the tribe's protector. This continued for well over 300 years, but the goddess proved to be her own downfall. She was required to kill humans but as news of her powers reached the outside world few ventured to visit the tribe. Finally out of desperation Chuma, one of the head priests visited the civilized world and told leading archaeologists of the presence of this tribe and offering to lead them back. One such group met their gruesome murder at the hands of the cat goddess but the next one which followed was composed of a group of people who would be the undoing of the tribe. Two of the members were pretending to be porters only so that they could determine the location of the village without walking into a trap. Another member was Barbara Minerva. Before the arrival of those intent on destroying the city, Barbara herself shot and killed the cat goddess. They became caught thereafter in a caved in building, and Chuma interpreted the will of the gods that Barbara was meant to become the next cat goddess. With the necessary preparations ready Chuma informed Barbara that she needed the blood of a kill in order to complete the process. Barbara chose her male colleague who had also been a member of the expedition. After killing him Barbara was ready to imbibe the potion and become the Cheetah. She quickly killed the attacking villagers, but only after they had killed all of Chuma's tribe. With their deaths the only place left for Chuma was at Barbara's side as her assistant. Chuma had forgotten in his spell preparations that the cat goddess must be a virgin, and as a result Barbara began to become frail physically, though her Cheetah persona was unaffected. The two sought out various remedies for her condition, until Barbara postulated that Wonder Woman's lasso might hold the power to heal her. The two made the acquisition of the lasso their goal, whch they were finally able to do following an attack on Wonder Woman by two Khunds.

Chuma is a frail old man with little ability beyond plotting and cunning. He has an extensive knowledge of various concoctions, including poisons.

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