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Chucky Diamond's show was aired early in the morning and listened to by numerous New Yorkers. Including Tony Stark ( Iron Man) and Benjamin Grimm ( Thing), though both found him to be a loudmouthed bore. The radio station claimed the show was broadcast "throughout the world, the galaxies and the time stream itself", but this was probably hyperbole.  
The only broadcast so far depicted focused on his take on the super-hero business. Starting by "exposing" Thor as a fraud. He pointed to half the loading docks in New York being out of commission and much of the surrounding area seeming to have survived the Firebombing of Dresden (13-15 February, 1945, one of the Allied atrocities of World War II) due to the actions of the so-called God. The damages had been performed by Thor during a battle between the Avengers and the Destroyer. He pointed to the Destroyer only being defeated by teleportation following a lengthy battle. Asking why didn't Thor thought of doing that in the first place.  
He believed "Goldilocks" (Thor) was a mere Fabio wanna-be performing a con job. No way could the Avenger be a true deity from Olympus (Chucky could not tell Asgardians and Olympians apart). He claimed true heroes were the people without powers, policemen, firemen, paramedics, etc. Guys who can lift tanks and fly can only play heroes because of having nothing to worry about. When you can't really get hurt, there is nothing to fear. He doubted any of them struggled to pay their bills.  
Questioning how they financially supported themselves, Chucky suggested they were getting payments under the table. Pointing to Thor and Hawkeye as capable of such acts. He believed the super villains were mostly actors who were payed to take nose dives and make "heroes" look good for the press. The only legit "hero" was Captain America, because Chucky considered him too "straight" to resort to such practices. 
At this point, Chucky was assaulted by an unnamed fanatic supporter of super-heroes. The fanatic was convinced Chucky was working for Loki (missing at the time) and wanted to defend his favorite heroes. Thor intervened, saved Chucky's life and captured the would-be assassin. Chucky offered him a deal for an endorsement of his show. Thor was disgusted and left in a hurry. The winds caused by his departure exposed Chucky as wearing a toupee, ridiculing him to the police forces present.

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