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The Hamsters are all anthropomorphic and larger than normal hamsters. Chuck can be recognized by his bare face and lack of spots around his eyes. Chuck studies philosophy and practices non-violence--until his ire is raised or his brothers ( Clint, Jackie, and Bruce) are threatened.

Character Development

Original Series

Chuck and the others were originally mutated in the process of destroying a cloud of cosmic radioactive Jello for NASA. They were later trained in the martial arts by Tibetan monks.

When they returned to the outside world, they beat up a drug dealer and stole his money. Then they defeated a group of hijackers on a plane.

Chuck beats up the roaches

They landed as heroes, but they almost immediately lost this status as they got into a variety of scrapes in New York. The others went out on the town, but Chuck stayed in their hotel room for the night, where he was attacked by a group of 10'-tall roaches. He killed them all, but then found out that the others had destroyed the Statue of Liberty and were jailed by the police.

Chuck went to the prison to buy their way out, but the others broke out before he got there. They got back together and fled the state.

They were playing video games in a mall when they got in a fight with a bully. After he beat up the other Hamsters, Chuck finally gave up on his nonviolent ways and took him down. A professional wrestling promoter, Vincent DeLuxe, saw the fight and signed them up to fight the world champion Mighty Midgets as a tag team. The Hamsters became famous and were all over TV. Finally the fight started. However, the Midgets couldn't get to the arena on time, so they had to wrestle four huge guys instead. The Hamsters managed to win, and got DeLuxe to give them $5 million each because of the mix-up. Chuck donated his money to several charities.

Driving an RV, they ended up at a toy store, where Jackie wanted to buy the new hot toy, Flower Garden Folks dolls. However, the dolls eventually went crazy and tried to kill everyone. The Hamsters managed to destroy the dolls and rescue their maker.

They drove across country and stopped in a rural area. Jackie ran off, thinking he was a WWI Flying Ace, and Bruce, Clint, and Chuck got into trouble in a convenience store (Chuck was blameless but got caught too). They were arrested, and then they were waylaid by the C.C.C., or Coo Clucks Clan, a religious/racist cult who worshiped Colonel Sanders and dressed up like chickens. They prepared to cook the hamsters over a cauldron.

Meanwhile Jackie ran into the Heap, who helped him find the others (although they destroyed the RV on the way). With the help of the Heap, they quickly routed the C.C.C. and escaped.

They next ran afoul of the P.L.O. again. Chuck and the others fought against the villains, but had a hard time until Captain Tree and Bush Boy arrived and saved the day by sacrificing themselves in the act of killing the P.L.O.

Chuck wonders what to do

After many other adventures, the Hamsters battled the villain Infidel Castro. Castro killed Bruce. The other Hamsters were stuck in an undersea base and tried to check Bruce's body in its hospital, but he seemed to be gone. They ended up having to leave his body behind as the base's self-destruct mechanism went off, and the barely escaped in some sea sleds. However, the explosion separated them, and at the end of the original series, they were all left in separate situations. Chuck was rescued by a Russian trawler. He was hurt the most by the explosion, but eventually recovered his spirits.

2008 Series

The 2008 series retconned much of the last issues of the original series. It simultaneously explained the Infidel Castro arc, and Bruce's death, as having been both a dream and having taken place in an alternate dimension. Whatever happened, the new series started off with five new Hamsters ( Lucy, Jean-Claude, Steven, Arnold, and Rock) constituting an all-new team, and with the original four split apart--although in a different way, and for different reasons, than the split seen at the end of the original series.

The series starts off with the invasion of the monastery by a villain known as Genghis Khann. All of the new Hamsters are killed or captured trying to defend it except Lucy, who escapes and manages to reach Master Lock. Lock then contacts Jackie, who has been living with a group of samurai and mystics underneath Mount Fuji. Jackie has been training intensely, and misses his brothers, so when Lock lies to him and tells him they're all waiting for him so they can all recapture the monastery, Jackie is glad to come.

Chuck reminisces

When it turns out that they are still split up around the world, Jackie and Lucy fly off in their jet to find them. Bruce and Chuck have not been taking care of themselves nearly so well--they are overweight and look middle-aged. They have been working together for some time in Texas, hunting Chupacabras, but haven't seen Jackie or Clint in years. Bruce rides a robot horse, and Chuck rides a normal horse. Bruce now says "reckon" a lot, and Chuck has a sheriff's badge and goatee. Bruce has a refrigerator built inside his horse, and they like to take a load off, drinking chilled root beer around the campfire.

While they are reminiscing about their brothers, a Chupacabra catches them and ties them up in her cave. She wants to mate with them, especially Chuck. They manage to get down and fight the Chupacabra, showing the good old teamwork and banter. However, they are out of shape, and are not winning. Jackie rappels down and saves the day, quickly dispensing with the beast. Bruce and Chuck are embarrassed at how much better shape he is in, but Jackie is so glad to see them he doesn't care. They are happily reunited.

Meanwhile, Khann has been working on a secret plan. He somehow resurrected some of the new team of Hamsters and brainwashed them into working for him. He finds a computer room under the monastery which is tracking a cloud of cosmic Jell-o, just like the one that first mutated the original Hamsters. Then he and the zombie Hamsters catch Master Lock and get the codes to use the computer room.

Jackie, Bruce, and Chuck find Clint, who has also been living a very different lifestyle. He is now the doormat husband of an overbearing human wife. He works in a pawn shop. Jackie, Bruce, and Chuck come in to get him on the team again, but he pretends he doesn't recognize them. He is so stuck in his new pathetic life that he can't bring himself to admit that it was ever different. They all talk. It turns out that Clint was in love with Lucy, but she had a relationship with Chuck instead. The affair (which they liken to Yoko and the Beatles) made them all crazy and broke them up. Chuck is still mad at him over the whole thing: his relationship with Lucy only lasted a week, and he blames Clint for that. He clearly has a very different personality now than he used to when he was the group's pacifist and philosopher.

Clint refuses to understand any of this and kicks them out. Clint's neighbor, Richard, sees them and invites them in, but it's a trap: he's a sex fiend obsessed with animals. Lucy finally finds Clint and knocks some sense into him, and the two of them rescue the others. The brothers want to set off to save the monastery, but Clint says no--he wants to go back to his family; as horrible as they might be, they need him.

Without Clint, the others invade the monastery and are caught. Khann brags about his new plan to them, and points out the incoming cloud of space Jell-o. Then, without further explanation, he shoots Master Lock, Jackie, Bruce, Chuck, and Lucy in the head, killing them. It turns out that the cosmic Jell-o is the home for many other Hamsters, who are apparently alien, not mutant, in origin, and Khann uses them to take over the Earth. Clint eventually tries to get revenge on Khann, but fails, leaving Khann in complete control.

Powers and Abilities

Like the rest of the Hamsters, Chuck is a skilled martial artist. He often uses nunchaku.

When he grows older, he clearly loses some of his skills, although he can still fight.

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