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Chu is the hoshimi at Kongobu Shrine of Koya Mount. He read in the star that Sorata Arisugawa will be one of the Seven Seals. Sorata Arisugawa was taken from their parents when he was three-year-old. His mother cryed to let her her child, but it was his destiny to go at Kongobu Shrine. Chu, the hoshimi of Koya mount, taught him Buddhism arts and seal’s art. But Chu raised him like his son too. Sorata was a joyful kid even if he knew his destiny. Indeed Chu predicted him that he would protect Kamui, but he would die for the woman he would love.

Years past, 1999 arrives; Chu sends a goho to Sorata in order to have a talk. Chu tells Sorata that the time has come to go to Tokyo. He tells that Kamui Shiro will return to Tokyo because he lost a parent. He tells also that the Sacred Sword will be stolen by a Dragons of Earth and that the sacred sword will be appeared to Kamui with another shape.

Chu can only stay at the top of Koya Mount in order to read future in the stars.

Powers and Abilities



As a hoshimi, Chu can read future in the stars.

Buddhist kekkai

Like every monk, Chu can create a Buddhist kekkai which permits to talk in privacy.


Like every monk, Chu can create a goho which permits to observe someone or send a message.


Like every monk, Chu can create a gohodoji which permits to protect someone.

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