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The Chronovore is a species of multidimensional creature that "eats" time. Its physical appearance is made of multiple arms, mouths and bubbling eyes, surrounded by invisible portions that exist outside of standard dimensions. At least one was seen as a massive insect. Chronovores are capable of traveling through time unaided, and can change an object to various states in its history- for instance, changing a cow into the hamburger it is destined to become.

In the out of standard continuity All-Star Superman, Kal Kent, Klyzyzk Klzntplkz and the Unknown Superman of 4500 AD of the Superman Squad travel to Smallville in Superman's life to track down a Chronovore that had came to that time to die and spawn. Using a Hyperpoon, Klzntplkz is able to chain the Chronovore, but not before Superman confronts it and looses three minutes of his life to it, during which Jonathon Kent suffered a fatal heart attack. Other Superman Squad members come to the past and chain the beast inside a tesserect cage and take it back to the Superman Squad HQ.

During the DC One Million event, Kal Kent makes reference to fighting the Chronovore alongside the Superman Squad. In the same event, Chronos steals John Fox's time gauntlets and hides out in  11,021 A.D. , during which Japan is under attack from a Chronovore. This version looks distinctly different, as it appears as a colossal insect.


The Chronovore was created by Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Mark Millar and Tom Peyer for use in their Superman 2000 pitch in the late 90s. The project never came to be, but Morrison alluded to it in DC One Million, and use it properly in All-Star Superman.

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