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The Original
Star Trek Canon Special Note
Not everything listed in the origin is Canon.  That is because only television shows and movies are considered canon.  This being a comic website there are many things here that are not canon.  So unless it is contradicted in film it should be listed as part of the character biography.  
Christopher Pike was the second Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise before Captain James Kirk.  His father was Josh Pike and he grew up and lived on earth in Mojave California.  Josh was good friends with an Andorian named Mahirn, and Mahirn became Pike's godfather.  Both Pike's father and godfather were admirals in Starfleet
As a Captain Pike was given command of the U.S.S. Enterprise by Admiral Robert April who was the first Captain of the Enterprise.  Pike just like Kirk had his own circle of officers.  His best known are Number One, Spock, Jose Tyler, Mia Colt, Phillip Boyce, Nano, Sita Mohindas, Gabrielle Carlotti and Moves With Burning Grace.  The only known crewman to serve both under Pike and Kirk was Spock.    
Just like Kirk after him Pike had an extremely loyal crew.  For example they would change their own personal ambitions to stand by him.  Number One even refused command of the U.S.S. Nelson to stay with the Pike.  This caused great animosity between her and April.
Pike would suffer a horrible accident putting him in a chair unable to do anything but use his mind.  Knowing this Spock risked a death sentence taking him to Talos IV.  This was because the Talosians had the ability to keep Pike in a fantasy world unaware of the limits of his body.


 The New Pike
Pike was this first Captain to ever be seen in any Star Trek episode.  He was in the first pilot episode but was not available when the second pilot was made so the actor William Shatner became Captain as the character James Kirk.  To save money the first pilot was split into two episodes. 
Most recently Pike was in the last Star Trek Movie.  This was a new universe and it is unknown whether or not in this Universe he will suffer same accident which caused him to live in the chair. 

Character Evolution

 A Possible Future?
Pike faced his most dramatic change in evolution when Nero went back into time and killed James Kirk's father thus changing the future of the Star Trek universe.  This changed Pike's crew dramatically.  Spock is the only member to still be a part of his crew and instead his crew was made up of very young crewmen that would later become Kirk's crew.  
Pike is immediately kidnapped by Nero in a battle that nearly destroys the Federation.  Kirk would eventually take command of the ship from Spock who was left in command by Pike.  Kirk eventually kills Nero with the help of his crew and saves Pike with the help of Spock. Unfortunately, for Pike he ends up in a wheelchair that may or may not be a permanent injury.
This will likely change the path of Pike going to Talos IV.  Instead of April of Pike having long missions before Kirk Kirk ends up in command of the ship much earlier than he did in the original timeline.  This could bode a new future for the character.

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