Rorschach Is Coming To TV...Sorta

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A lot of people enjoyed Rorschach and the way he kicked ass in "Watchmen."  The actor, Jackie Earle Haley is taking on another comic related project.  We've been talking about the television adaption of DC's "Human Target."  It was reported last week that Haley has been added to the cast (along with actor Chi McBride).  The premise of the show is Christopher Chance (aka Human Target) is a master of disguise/detective and takes on the identities of his clients in danger to basically solve their problems.  Haley will take on the role of Chance's information gatherer.

While this is cool news, I have to admit I'm a little disappointed as well.  Playing the "information gatherer" doesn't sound too...exciting.  We saw him kicking butt.  What will he be doing here?  Talking on the phone?  Maybe he'll have to bust some heads to get the info.?  I don't know.  Honestly, I also have to say that I'm not sure how this show will do.  It doesn't really seem like it's guaranteed to kill in the ratings.  The news of this did break last week so maybe he made the deal before everyone really got to see him in action.  Hopefully I'm wrong and this show will rock.

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Human Target is an awesome series, let's hope they make a good adaptation outta this, is not that hard. I mean, we need pulp series on TV these days.
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Holy shit I just realized Jackie Earle Haley is Moocher from Breaking Away! Noooooo way. I knew he looked familiar.

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Capt. Cascader--he also played Kelly Leak in the original 1976 movie The Bad News Bears.  He was the smart ass, cigarette smoking, dirt bike riding, bad haircut little twerp that also had a good arm, and joined the baseball team.  He also tried to score with Tatum O'Neal.  Who hasn't?  *bad joke* 

It was really strange when I first heard about the Watchmen movie last year and realized he'd be in it and I was pretty well stunned, hadn't seen the actor in anything since his kid and teen movie roles.  

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I knew he wasn't a red head!

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