New Human Target Clips

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There’s a new episode of the Vertigo-based Fox show Human Target tonight and, like slices from a Black Forest cake, we’ve got clips to satiate your appetite before the 7/8 C air date.

Before we get to that, though, let’s set the plate down (so to speak) and get Fox’s official synopsis out there.

"Chance must break in then break out of the maximum-security high-rise headquarters of a weapons manufacturer when he is hired to rescue a genius engineer who is held prisoner by his murderous employers.

Now, the first clip concerns the Human Target’s vain attempt to balance his love life with the hard-minded necessities of his mission.  


 Clip #2 shows the Human Target assuming the archetypal role of the "wise janitor"... 

Third and final, this clip shows the Human Target in some elevator action...  

G-Man posted his own thoughts on the show. All I can think of is that I could’ve used this guy back when I was going to be killed… by my finals. Do you think Chance would take his identity assumption as far as to sit in for a victim’s exams and/or write his essay? 

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This show is okay with me. Not spectacular but then, not much on TV is these days. The dude in the second clip seems like he always plays the same kind of role. I'll probably watch this tonight or at least tivo it.

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I'll be watching this tonight.

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I cach them on hulu .But the show is on the buble now acording to a few news artcles that it may be canceled.Shame if fox screws up.its a decent show an seems to be getn better each one.
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I actually really like the show. It's got some of the best action I've seen on TV in awhile - but I've got a bad feeling it won't last.

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I loved the pilot and the episode involving monks. Not to mention the Cigarette Smoking man from X-Files was in last episode. I hope it gets a little edgier though.

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