Are You Ready For The 'Human Target' Television Series?

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Check out images and a trailer from the upcoming Vertigo television adaptation!

If you are a fan of Verigo comics, then chances are you may have heard of or perhaps read the series ' Human Target.' Early this year, news about turning the comic book series into a television show broke, and were confirmed. We had not heard much about the upcoming project since May, until now. Fox recently released the trailer for the upcoming series, which will air on the network on January 17th, 2010.

The story follows the 'Human Target,' Christopher Chance, being played by actor Mark Valley who's primary responsibility is to protect his clients from being killed by hired assassins. You can probably guess based on the title just how he manages to ensure their protection, right? The cast of the upcoming television series is chock full of actors already familiar with comic and sci fi genres, including Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) and Jackie Earle Haley ( Watchmen). 

What do you think of the trailer for the upcoming television show? Will you be watching the series next month?
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It's too glossy... and his Japanese accent is like listening to fingernails on a blackboard :( 
But seeing Chi McBride always makes me happy.  So I'd try this... 

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Ummmm why watch the show when I can get the gist of everything that happens ever in this 4 min clip on youtube, seriously why would they spoil so much of the show. I'm sick of trailers showing just about every major highlight or fight scene in the entire movie or show.

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Hmm...i do not know,I want to like it,but somthing is telling me otherwise
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It looked like it might show promise, and with Tricia Helfer, I kinda feel obligated to watch it, but it's Fox, and every time they have a good show, it gets cancelled, so I'm not gonna get my hopes up.

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I'll probably watch it out of respect for Peter Milligan's work on the character but I can see absolutely 0 similarities between that trailer and the Vertigo comic except for the protagonist's I'm go to go ahead and say this is one of those times where FOX and DC are working together to suck people in by linking the show with the comic when in all reality the two aren't really that similar at all apart from the title
I mean the Human Target is supposed to assume the identity of the person whose life is in danger, and the actual comic story is like a giant identity crisis because Tom McFadden (Christopher's assistant) also changes identities and occasionally the two take on each others identities, etc.

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i want to see it

#7 Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir (19148 posts) - - Show Bio

Chi McBride is making me want to see this

#8 Posted by NightFang (10926 posts) - - Show Bio

Can't wait to watch it!

#9 Posted by Illuminarch (244 posts) - - Show Bio

Mark Valley should be Steve Rogers.

#10 Posted by ironmics (5 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh a new Fox show, that should last 4 episodes.

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Not really interested...

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Looks slick!

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I have this upcoming premiere set to record but I just found out DC's releasing a Human Target six issue miniseries starting Feb. 10th based on the show, so why is it being affiliated with Vertigo at all? Today Vertigo released a trade collecting Peter Milligan's first issues on the character but like I mentioned earlier, the show is nothing like that particular Human Target comic (not nearly as good either I can already tell)
I hate when marketing tries to reach out to completely different groups at the same time by making bogus comparisons >____>

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