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Chris was created by the J2 project as a clone of Jesus Christ.


Chris was created by Punk Rock Jesus writer/artist Sean Murphy. His first appearance was in Punk Rock Jesus #1 - Conception.

Punk Rock Jesus

Chris was created in a laboratory using cells taken from the shroud of turin in an attempt to clone Jesus Christ as part of a reality TV show called the J2 Project. The embryo was then placed in Gwen Fairling, who was hired to be his "virgin mother."

Chris was brought up on the island owned by the J2 project, and received little education other than the religious teaching that they gave him. When he tries to perform a miracle, he fails, almost leading to him drowning. His mother, wishing for him to have a normal childhood, has him placed in a public school. Although he is very intelligent, Chris has trouble fitting in, mainly due to his bodyguard, Thomas, intimidating people.

After his mother is killed during an attempt at freeing him, Chris decides to rebel against the J2 project, becoming an outspoken atheist and joining a punk rock band called the Flak Jackets, declaring war on all things religious. His music becomes very popular with the scientific community, but receives widespread protest from the religious. Ignoring Thomas's warnings, Chris decides that he is taking the band to a performance in Jerusalem.

However, before making it to their performance, their van was attacked, killing the band's lead guitarist and causing Chris to cancel their tour. He meets with Sarah Epstein, who reveals that her daughter is actually Chris's twin sister.

During a television interview, he is attacked by members of the New American Christians, a fundamentalist organization that was present for most of Chris' life. In a response to Chris' outspoken Atheism, they fire on the helicopter that Chris was in, killing him.

A statue of him is built at the site of the J2 Project to commemorate his life.

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