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Brief History

The youngest of four children, Biggs spent her elementary and high school years drawing pictures on the backs of various handouts and homework papers. At age 13 a relative took her to a comic book/Sci-Fi store, where a copy of Marvel's Star Wars series (#64) stared at her from the racks, convincing the Star Wars fan to buy her first comic ever. This led the impressionable teen to begin a lifelong addiction to impossibly powered people in tights, and a strong desire to one day write and draw her own stories of same. When appendix website owner Jeff Christiansen asked for extra writing help for the Fantastic Four Encyclopedia, Biggs happily joined him in fulfilling her lifelong dream of professionally writing for Marvel. Currently Biggs is involved in getting her writing and drawing skills back up to speed, attempting to get freelance photography jobs in an impossibly tight market, and writing profiles on various Marvel characters while working as a wageslave cashier at Job McHell.

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