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Powers and Abilities

Chou Enshin was trained in various forms of Chinese Kung Fu, mostly Baji Quan and
Pi Gua Quan. His moves mostly overlap with Natsu Tanimoto due to their shared styles, but hou was noted to be a level above Natsu when they fought at the time. Chou earned his spot in YOMI before his match with Natsu and was noted for his expertise. Even though he had an edge agaisnt Natsu though Chou ended up losing the duel to the more tenacious Natsu showing a lack of something in his training. Even though Chou was a high class disciple.


  • Sei Shin Kou - Chou grabs onto his opponent's waist and slams his own waist into his opponent's while placing his other hand above his head to guard against further attacks.
  • Ten Zan Kou - Chou moves his foot to his opponent's foot and sidesteps him, proceeding to launch an elbow attack to the vitals of his opponent's back.
  • Uryuu Banda - Chou launches an open palm slap striking towards the ground in a flat stance with heavy momentum.

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