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Choran Girls' Academy Lacrosse Team (蝶蘭女学院ラクロス部, Chōran Jogakuin Rakurosu Bu) is the first main antagonist team from the Cross Manage series that was created by KAITO. The series first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump in September 17, 2012. The appearance was in Cross Manage Volume 1 CH. 4 "The First Match",

Team Members

Coaching Staff

Hyoketsu Nakao

Hyoketsu Nakao is the coach of Choran's Lacrosse Team, and he was the former principle of Choran Girls' Academy twenty years ago. He was inspired by a single student's love to lacrosse to study the sport and volunteered all his free time as the club's advisor.


Ageha Matsui

Tsubaki Ima

Mahori Sonozaki


Namine Chihara

Namine Chihara is the ace player of the Choran's already stellar team. She's an enigmatic young woman who has a unique ability to excel at anything she puts her interest in. She's ranked as the best hgh school player in the nation of Japan, and earned a place on the Japanese national team. However, even she's susceptible to flaws.

Momo Mimori

Momo Mimori is a talented second-year player for Choran's team. Though short, she in a player to be reckoned with. She idolizes Namine Chihara, wants to reach Namine's level, and trains to do so. Namine has even taught her several techniques.

Michiru Omoto

Makoto Yokoyama


Toka Yamauchi (Captain)

Karuto Okamura

Kazuha Koshimizu

Anzu Hikasa

Jueri Watanabe

Jueri Watanabe is the goalie of the Choran Team. Like Namine, Jueri is a prodigy in lacrosse and a member of the Japanese national team. She's never lost in a one-on-one in guarding the goal. She's considered the invisible shield of Choran's already impressive defense.

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