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"Choopie," as he has been so labeled...named, was detected and apprehended by Red Team in the Spring of 1996. A vicious and voracious predator, he was one of a suspected group of such creatures creating a flap of sightings in the suburbs of Puerto Rico at that time. (How these creatures originally gained egress to our realm from their own still remains a mystery as the dimensional integrity was violently rent rather than weakened via natural entropic means.)

The creature was captured while attempting to wrest a kitten it had pursued from the manifold of a 1987 Honda Civic. Choopie was studied for several days by BEDLAM's BioLogic Department, but was soon exposed to Dr. Alazar's Evolvo-Ray at the request of Big. The treatment resulted in a creature with a personality very much like that of a 6 year old boy. Though his phenomenal speed, agility, and ability to fly make him a potentially invaluable agent, Choopie is, in my opinion, erratic and unreliable, and often is the cause of much damage within the BEDLAM facility. He is, I'm told, quite fond of, and loyal to, Arisa and the rest of her team and so carries out assignments and missions with the best of intentions.

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