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Chomin, one of two Qwardian operatives that came to Earth posing as traveling salesmen, noticed a connection between Green Lantern and the Ferris Aircraft company. The Qwardians created an exact duplicate of Ferris Aircraft some fifty miles out in the desert. Returning from a mission out in the desert, Green Lantern thought he had miscalculated the distance he had travelled. The emerald crusader thought he was just over tired, even thought he saw Hal Jordan walking across the Ferris grounds. Entering his dressing room in an aircraft hanger, Green Lantern began to charge his ring on the invisible power battery, only to find it was not there. Ferris Aircraft disappeared, leaving the stunned hero in the middle of the desert. The Qwardians had watched Green Lantern's movements and duplicated them in the real Ferris Aircraft. They were able to use an "object transmitter" to bring the invisible battery to their room. Though they still could not see or touch the battery, a "Q-Ray" was used to cast the battery's shadow on the wall. As the Qwardians had spied on Green Lantern, another person was spying on them, Tom Kalmaku. Green Lantern found his way back to the real Ferris Aircraft, but his battery was no longer there. After he was told of Kalmaku's story, the ring wielder tried to get back his battery, but could not catch up to it. Green Lantern retrieved his battery but it could not recharge the ring in the Anti-Matter universe. The Weaponers had been monitoring Green Lantern's thoughts and knew he would be helpless. Green Lantern was blasted with yellow-firing ray guns and killed. The victory was only an illusion, though, as Green Lantern had willed himself invisible and slipped away before the Weaponers learned the truth. The two Qwardian spies were captured once Green Lantern charged his ring in the positive matter universe.

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